Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Tirzah | No Romance (Greco Roman)

No Romance is the EP released this week by Tirzah on Greco Roman. Following on from their collaboration on I'm Not Dancing, the latest work from the London based vocalist Tirzah, again sees her joining up with the brilliant Micachu - resulting in a low-fi, pop/r&b influenced affair & despite the given subject matter of the EP as a whole, it's ultimately a really really fun release. 

The recognisably bonkers compositions of Micachu work an absolute treat alongside Tirzah's formula that first drew me to her work - a soothing voice & wonderfully straightforward but well written songs. There are these addictive loops & melodies that have splurges of sounds & effects which crop up at varying points - initially kind of alarming you, yet they don't seem out of place, keeping perfectly in the rhythm & mood of the tracks in typical Micachu fashion.

Overall the only reason we'd fault this, is for the fact it isn't longer - but hey, that will come with time. Grab a listen to the lead track 'No Romance' along with another from the EP titled 'Malfunction'. You can get your hands on the full EP digitally / vinyl now

1. No Romance
2. Best Thing
3. Malfunction
4. Style
5. You

Mr Scruff | We Are Coming

Hell of a lot of time for this one from the don that is Mr Scruff. Taken from his forthcoming album on Ninja Tune 'Friendly Bacteria' (set for release on May 19th) the track features musicians Matthew Halsall & Taz Modi.

Keep an eye out for info on the album launch party later in May & grab a listen to 'We Are Coming' from Mr. Scruff via the soundcloud stream below

Monday, 21 April 2014

This Friday 25th April sees the latest Bat Makumba taking place. They have Hessle / Hemlock artist Joe down at the Audacious space - in for a treat if you happen to be about Sheffield on Friday evening. Full deets here

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Mo Kolours LP (One-Handed Music)

Following on from some of our favourite releases of the last year or two, London based singer & producer Mo Kolours released his self titled debut album over the weekend on One-Handed Music

Somewhat void of genres or categorisation, its hard to try & sum up were the LP sits - in the best way possible, of course. There's a whole host of sounds & textures throughout that touch on hip hop, funk, jazz & dub amongst other things - if you're familiar with Mo Kolours' previous work you'll know exactly what we're on about.

The trilogy of EP's put out over the course of 3 years on the One-Handed Music imprint (Drum Talking, Banana Wine & Tusk Dance - all of which are highly recommended & available for free) act almost as maquetes in relation to the full album. There were little snippets into his music & style that have developed in the lead up to this much anticipated release - presenting themselves as a more expansive set of ideas & sounds brilliantly in the album. The fusion of sounds & influences alongside a fun, light-hearted approach to song writing presented in a hazy fashion, on the whole, make the album an absolute pleasure to experience.

Having sold out on pre-order, get your hands on the album available as a 'pay what you like' download via One Handed Music or stream in full via the player below

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Skepta | That's Not Me

UK artist Skepta released this over the weekend - a short film/music video featuring JME of what he's been working on, plans for his forthcoming album & a general insight into his views on the current state of music. 

Basically, kind of like the best trailer you'll see for a while & it's got us super excited for what the not too distant future holds. Setting the levels, watch in full below

Chaka Khan | Feel For You (Seven Davis Jr cover)

With a great end to last year & taking 2014 by storm already, Seven Davis Jr can do no wrong in our eyes at the minute. It doesn't seem all too long ago that the US producer took my attention when Kutmah was pushing his track 'Thanks' almost every time I heard him play, consequently seeing the track featured on Gilles Peterson's Brownswood Bubblers compilation.

Fast forward a year and a bit down the line & Seven Davis Jr has put out a mixtape on Kutmah's Izwid label, has pending releases on Funkineven's Apron Records imprint & is also just off the back of a European tour - all of which have been undoubtably high in quality. 

This track shared recently is a brilliant bumpy soulful cover of Chaka Khan's 'Feel For You' & available to download for free. Stream via soundcloud here & stay tuned for more from Seven Davis Jr

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Tall Black Guy | Sade's Taboo (Sweetest Taboo Blap-Up)

Not really much to say here. Tall Black Guy up to usual tricks with this edit of Sade's Sweetest Taboo. Stream via the soundcloud player below & check more from Detroit's Tall Black Guy here

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Bok Bok & Tom Trago | Get Me What You Want

Blow | Yam Who? Boogie Nights Rework

Stumbled across this sensational rework by London based Yam Who? of 'Blow,' a track taken from Beyonce's recent album. Available to download for free via the stream below & check more from Yam Who? here

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Resident Advisor Real Scenes: Tokyo

Resident Advisor recently shared the latest of their Real Scenes series with a look at the electronic club scene in Japan's capital, Tokyo. It's a scene somewhat in turmoil with negative public perception of nightlife there & an ageing population, it's even gone to an extreme of a ban on dancing, better known as the 'Fueiho'

RA: catch up with a host of Tokyo based promoters, DJs & producers to find out their thoughts, opinions & outlooks on the Tokyo scene in the latest of their documentary series. Watch in full below. 

Spare | 1BLT (COY007)

UK Grime label Coyote Records recently announced news of their next release which comes courtesy of Notts based producer, Spare. Following on from a great 2013 with a handful of top notch releases alongside with the brilliant Coyote Kings compilation, Spare's 1BLT EP will most certainly make people sit up & take notice if they aren't already. 

You'll find there's a whole bunch of things happening across the 4 track EP from Spare, that amalgamate to allow a nice flow between each track on the release. Boss Hog & 1BLT are both very much in your face affairs & bursting with energy - while the other two tracks on, Venom & Glide, are a more subtle in their approach, leaning towards synth filled, more melodic compositions (particularly with Glide)

For anyone not familiar with Spare, the 1BLT EP is a great introduction to what he's all about as a producer. It's also further evidence of why Coyote Records are gaining more & more recognition with every release they put out - providing yet another platform for artists to showcase & contribute to what is noticeably growing into a more & more exciting time for Grime music as a whole.

Grab a listen to soundcloud previews of Spare's 1BLT EP below, due out on 12" & digitally this month

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Hurricane | Could've Been You (ft. Martel)

'Could've Been You' is the latest work from a producer from Luton we've featured a few times in the past, Hurricane. Having heard some new exclusive material, we're excited for more to drop - it's some of the best stuff we've heard for a minute. The track comes from some collaborative work with vocalist Martel - resulting a spacey, dreamy soundscape of r&b / hip hop influenced sounds & is nicely matched with some great artwork by @Kace_CO

Currently working on an EP due out later this year, stay tuned for more in the way of new material from Hurricane. Grab a listen to 'Could've Been You' below, which will go up as a free download when it hits 400 soundcloud plays. More from Hurricane here

Teebs | View Point

Chance now for a listen to some new material from Teebs. 'View Point' is a track from his forthcoming album E s t a r a on Brainfeeder. Stream it in full below via soundcloud & check more from Teebs here